UoSM Application Week

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Extra RM500 Waiver
when you register with UoSM
from 11 to 17 January 2021

Any students registering with UoSM from 11 to 17 January will be entitled to enjoy additional RM500 Application Week Waiver, on top of whatever scholarships and education grants already available for you!

Grab this chance to start your quality UK education with UoSM and enjoy the best rate in town.

What is Application Week?

University of Southampton Malaysia Application Week is created to encourage the best and brightest students to further their education at the University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM).

Students registering to study at UoSM during the Application Week, 11 to 17 January 2021, are entitled to enjoy the Application Week Waiver (RM500), on top of Education Grants (up to RM5,000) and Scholarships that are already available to applicants.

Who is eligible?

  1. New applicants who apply to study at UoSM and pay deposit from 11 to 17 January 2021

  2. Existing offer holders who will pay deposit from 11 to 17 January 2021

Note: Deposit for Foundation studies is RM2,000; deposit for Undergraduate studies is RM3,500.

Note: Students receiving 100% scholarships from UoSM are not eligible to receive RM500 Application Week Waiver. 

If you have more questions?

  1. Secure an appointment to speak to our counsellors using the form below

  2. Speak to the UoSM counsellor or your selected education agent, who is in charge of your application to study at UoSM

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