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Speak to our counsellors to understand your options at the University of Southampton Malaysia

    The university collects information about its students for various academic, administrative, marketing and recruitment purposes. The information is processed in accordance with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection (PDP) Act 2010, and is disclosed to third parties only with the individual’s consent or to meet statutory obligations. 

    Please note: The information provided on this application form will be stored electronically and used for academic, administrative, marketing and recruitment purposes only by the University. Unless required by law, your personal data will not be shared with any organisation outside of the University of Southampton Malaysia and the University of Southampton, apart from those that help us deliver this service (such as software providers).

    For information on how we store your data, please see the Privacy Notice from the University of Southampton here: https://www.southampton.ac.uk/studentadmin/student-admin/privacy-notice.page. 

    Business hours
    9am – 5pm (UTC +8)
    Monday to Friday
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    General landline
    +607 560 2560
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    +6012 717 2438

    +6012 213 4704

    Anston Tan
    Whatsapp: +6012 717 2438
    Email: y.a.tan@soton.ac.uk

    Jeremy Lai
    Whatsapp: +6012 717 3483
    Email: J.Lai@soton.ac.uk

    Raymond Yong
    Whatsapp: +6012 717 2256
    Email: jy.yong@soton.ac.uk

    Umar Razzaq
    WhatsApp: +6012 213 4704
    Email: umar.razzaq@soton.ac.uk

    Tel: +607 560 2560
    Email: stofusmc@soton.ac.uk

    You may also contact our partner education agencies to learn more about UoSM.