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Deposit Payment

All applicants are required to pay a deposit to confirm their place at UoSM. The deposit is used for tuition fee payment, and is not refundable should a student decide not to pursue admission, regardless whether or not the student qualifies for any financial incentive or scholarship at UoSM. 

The amount of deposit is stated as below.


Deposit amount

Foundation Year




Note: Additional Visa application fees apply for international students and vary according to nationality. To learn more about the Visa application fees for your application, contact your counsellor for guidance.

Note: The deposit is only refundable in accordance with the University’s refund policy. Please contact your counsellor for guidance.

University of Southampton Malaysia accepts International Payments through Flywire who allows you to pay securely from your home country via a several payment options. Flywire allows you to track your payment online throughout the transfer process via tracking links sent by email or by creating a Flywire account. You will also be notified by email (and SMS, if subscribed) when the payment is received by University of Southampton Malaysia.

Flywire's payment experience