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Recommend a friend

Introduce your friends to
UoSM and get rewarded

  1. Click on the Recommend a Friend Now Button and fill in relevant information on the survey platform.
  2. Please wait for our Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing team to get in touch with you.
  3. Provide necessary documents and receive your reward of RM 1,000. 
  1. The making of a referral to UoSM constitutes acceptance of these provisions by the Referrer. No alteration of or addition to these provisions is valid unless in writing and agreed by the CEO.
  2. Subject to these terms and conditions UoSM will make a referral payment of RM 1,000.00 in respect of each referral of an eligible student made by an eligible Referrer.
  3. Eligible Referrer: The referral must be made by a current or former student of UoSM. However, any person who, apart from this scheme, is involved in the recruitment of students is not eligible.
  4. Eligible Referee: The referral must be of an individual, wherever originally domiciled, who enrols on a foundation or undergraduate degree programme at UoSM. That is, someone who has not already been a student of UoSM, who has not applied to UoSM prior to the date of the referral being made, and who has not already been the subject of an introduction or referral to UoSM.
  5. Conditions
    The following conditions must be met:
    a. The Referrer must make the referral by completing a ‘Recommend a Friend’ form (online or offline) before or at the point the Referee applies and submit this to the Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing office.
    b. The Referrer and Referee must attend and pass an interview with a member of the Recruitment and Marketing team to verify their connection. Assessments of validity will be based on several considerations, including:
    • When filling up the Admission form, the Referee ticks on ‘Recommend a Friend’ under item 8.
    • The Referrer can provide evidence(s) stipulating the recommendation of referee to study at UoSM.
    c. The Referee must not be misled or unduly pressurised into applying to and enrolling to UoSM.
    d. The Referee must enrol on a foundation or undergraduate programme and must pay the first instalment of tuition fees (or provide evidence of scholarships) for the first year of study in full.
    e. If the Referrer is a prospective student who enrols in the same intake with the Referee, the Referrer must pay the first instalment of tuition fees for the first year in full (or provide the evidence of scholarships).
  6. No referral payment will be made where:
    a. The referral was made as a result of the Referrer taking part in an Open day, recruitment fair or school visit.
    b. There is a conflict of interest.
  7. Subject to these terms and condition, a complete and verified referral payment of RM 1,000.00 will be made within eight (8) weeks of the application is submitted to the Recruitment and Marketing team member.
  8. Where two or more referrals are made in respect of the same Referee, only one referral payment will be made. This shall be made to the first eligible Referrer who complies with the terms of the scheme.
  9. UoSM may withdraw the Recommend a Friend scheme at any time, including retrospectively, without prior notice either generally or in relation to a specific referrer or referral. The University will incur no liability in doing so.

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